The AJ Donohue Foundation has evolved from an idea that a young cancer patient, AJ Donohue, had in 2006. While receiving chemo-therapy treatments at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, AJ became very much a part of the hospital family. He so much enjoyed his nurses and doctors that he wanted to find a way to give back to the hospital that had given him so much.


AJ spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital rooms and so he had an idea to raise money and make improvements to the hospital rooms that had become his second home. He started selling stickers which depicted him flying a plane, one of his favorite hobbies, hoping to use the proceeds to buy recliners and DVD players for every room at Wolfson!


In typical AJ fashion, he set extremely high goals for his fundraising plan. He wanted to have an AJ sticker in each of the 50 states and to raise $50,000. Considering that he had recently been told he had only a few weeks to live, many were skeptical of these lofty goals. However, AJ never gave up for even a second! The initial response was incredible. Not only did TeamAJ (as his supporters would become known) eclipse his 50-state requirement in no time but AJ stickers were finding their way all around the globe!


The night of September 22, 2006 just a few weeks after he began his fundraising effort, AJ received a phone call from the president of the hospital. Then unable to even leave his bed, AJ found out that his goal of $50,000 had been met! The next morning on September 23, AJ left us to join countless other cancer patients in his heavenly home. 


Though AJ left us, his spirit is more present than ever. Team AJ picked up right where he left off! Since his passing, Team AJ has funded an annual pediatric encology scholarship to support the nurses he loved so dearly. Team AJ has also helped fund the opening of a new children's cancer clinic at the hospital in Brunswick, just miles from where the idea was born. 


Fast forward to present day, Team AJ remains as strong as ever. His family (which is growing by the day) and friends have further memorialized his legacy by evolving Team AJ into a 501(c)(3) charitable organization called the AJ Donohue Foundation!


Through annual fundraising events and spreading his incredible journey, Team AJ has never given up on AJ's dream! With your help we can further expand the Foundation and spread his message of courage and passionate determination for years to come!