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A Journey of Impact and Empowerment

Since its inception in 2005, #TeamAJ has been a beacon of hope and support for countless individuals facing medical challenges, tracing its origins back to a pivotal moment in AJ's life. As a Junior at Glynn Academy, AJ was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, setting off a journey marked by resilience and community-driven philanthropy. From its humble beginnings with AJ leading fundraising efforts to the establishment of its official 501(c)(3) status in 2013 to surpassing $900,00 in total giving, the Foundation has continuously expanded its impact. And we are only getting started!


AJ Diagnosed with Cancer

AJ was diagnosed with osteosarcoma as a Junior at Glynn Academy. He began treatment at Wolfson right away, which included intense chemotherapy, radiation, and several surgeries.


Initial Donation to Wolfson

TeamAJ's first donation! Following months of fundraising (led by AJ himself), #TeamAJ presented a check for $100,000 to Wolfson president (and AJ's close friend) Larry Freeman. This initial donation allowed Wolfson to purchase a recliner, DVD players and improved lighting above the window bed for every room on the 5th Floor - where AJ received treatment over 207 nights.




First Golf Tournament

The First (Official) AJ Donohue Memorial Golf Tournament is held on Jekyll Island. The Golf Tournament was a continuation of "AJ Day" Fundraising events led by CJ Jefferies (at SeaJays) and Rich VanIderstyne (at Red Bug Motors and Pizza).


Nursing Scholarship

TeamAJ creates the AJ Donohue Scholarship Endowment at Wolfson. Scholarships have been awarded to dozens of nurses over the years and allowed them to obtain additional degrees and certifications, attend conferences, and receive necessary training.

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The AJ Donohue Foundation becomes an official 501(c)(3)


Wolfson Specialty Center - Brunswick

The Foundation donates $30,000 to help fund the creation of the Wolfson Speciality Center in Brunswick, Georgia (in partnership with Southeast Georgia Health System).




Telemedicine and Equipment

The Foundation purchases much-needed telemedicine equipment for the Wolfson Clinic at SEGHS. This equipment allows patients at SEGHS to receive world-class medical care from doctors and health professionals around the country!


Nursing Scholars Program

The Foundation creates the Nursing Scholars Program - a scholarship offered to Brunswick-area high school students who wished to pursue a career in nursing! This initiative merged into the SEGHS Nursing Scholarship endowment in 2023, which is going to allow SEGHS nurses to obtain additional certifications, attend important conferences, and further their education - just like the initial Wolfson endowment back in 2009!

Nursing an Elderly



Leap for the Kids!

The Foundation partnered with SEGHS to launch our most ambitious project yet - our "Leap for the Kids" initiative. The Foundation pledged $125,000 and SEGHS agreed to match dollar-for-dollar towards updates and improvements to the SEGHS pediatric center.


Rehab Sensory Room (SEGHS)

The Foundation funded the creation of a state-of-the-art sensory room inside the pediatric rehabilitation facility at SEGHS. The room features padded walls and play areas, specialized equipment, and activities focused on physical rehabilitation and sensory therapy for patients with special needs.




PICU Family Suite (Wolfson)

The Foundation funded a patient-and-family suite inside Wolfson Children's Hospital's brand new PICU unit. This suite includes a separate room for parents/family members to sleep so that they don't have to leave their newborn's side during life-saving care.


Outpatient Center

The Foundation donated $100,000 to Wolfson Children's Hospital to help build out its specialty outpatient center (a joint project with Nemours in Jacksonville). This donation ensured that each individual patient suite in the center features personal TVs and entertainment for the patients and comfortable furniture for the families. 

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Join us in supporting the AJ Donohue Foundation's mission to provide crucial resources and support to pediatric cancer patients and their families.

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