AJ Donohue Foundation


Our Goal

We endeavor to perpetuate the work of our namesake in supporting institutions providing care to victims of pediatric cancer, scholarships for those providing care or aspiring to provide care to the victims of pediatric cancer, and families of children afflicted with pediatric cancer.

AJ Donohue

AJ Donohue was a young man with a big heart and a big plan. After he was diagnosed with cancer, he set out to help those that were helping him. He inspired everyone around him, and managed to raise over $50,000 for his hospital, Wolfson Children's in Jacksonville, FL. After his passing, his dream and mission lived on in the form of the AJ Donohue Foundation.

Get Involved

A donation to the AJ Donohue foundation helps support scholarships for nursing students interested in pediatric oncology , updates to the Wolfson Children's Center in Brunswick, GA, and the Annual Christmas Gift Program. Please join our mission by volunteering, playing in our yearly golf tournament, or donating.