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The Sticker Challenge

#TeamAJ got its start in 2006 when our Foundation’s namesake had the idea to sell “AJ stickers” to raise money and put a brand new recliner in each of the patient rooms at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. In just a few short months, #TeamAJ managed to get a sticker in every state in the Country and many countries across the globe. 


What better way to celebrate the 15 years of success than to bring back AJ Sticker Challenge. Our goal is to again get an AJ sticker to each of the 50 states and to raise money for Wolfson Children’s Hospital along the way. 


To participate, click "Join the Challenge" below. There are two ways to support.


(1) You can order a sticker package (4 stickers) and mail the stickers anywhere you choose.

(2) You can make a $20 donation, and the Foundation will mail a sticker to the recipient of your choice.


Remember to take a picture of you (or your friends/family) with the sticker and upload the picture with a description of your location using the portal below!

Share your "sticker pics" on social media and use the hashtag #AJSticker. You can view the states where we still need a sticker on the map below, and follow along as we raise money to reach our goal! To learn more about the Foundation, click here - or check out the website for this year's Golf Tournament Weekend.

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